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Web design/CSS/XHTML

When we search internet for any information, we find links to web-pages. These web-pages are part of a website hosted on remote server. Thus a website represents a store of information in the form of text, images & multimedia resources. Every organisation wishes to have its presence in the cyber-space in the form of a website.

Design of a website can be done using simple HTML language, but can be made more attractive and consistent in look & feel by creating aesthetically more pleasing graphical interfaces through CSS technology. The choice of layout, color scheme, fonts and context links play an important role in design of a website. It is also necessary to provide some animations for better user experience using Javascript. Javascript libraries e.g. Jquery, Mootools provide many fascinating presentations and can add a great value to website appearance.

The design of a web page, though based on HTML/CSS/Javascript, has to be built through prior graphic design work using image processing tools like Adobe Photoshop. Web pages are generally composed on-the-fly by combining different parts of web fragments or files through some server-side programming language e.g. PHP/ASP.net code. The grouping of web pages in various sections is created for proper organisation. This grouping can be displayed through dnyamic drop-down menus. Website also needs to have a central hierarchical sitemap for getting information about total scope of the website contents.

Dnyandeep Infotech has developed a systematic method of web design from requirements gathering & its analysis to final deployment stage. Each stage is handeled by web designer/graphic designer/an animator specialised in the particular skill-set. Hence web design is considered as a software project by Dnyandeep team.

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Web-design with mere HTML/CSS can not render an experience matching to real-life scenes, animation of high fidelity or videos of good quality. This is possible by using Flash technology where the stage design and light-weight scalable animations can be developed to resemble actual visual experience of a theme. The animation of various components & objects in Flash act like a movie clip. The advertisements that we see on TV are developed in Flash. The same experience can be replicated in the website.

Dnyandeep Infotech has developed many Flash based applications for clients in India & abroad to suit to their specific requiremets. These Flash applications are supported by standard PHP frameworks for back-end administration. Adobe Flex, a massive, enterprise grade Actionscript framework based upon Flash platform, is a great step ahead where the development is fully modular and flexible. Adobe Flex provides rich language level facilities for communicating with server-side technologies for data consumption.

A Rich Internet applications (RIA) is a highly responsive application using such technologies as Adobe Flash platform requiring very minimal requirements of data communication with a remote server. This can utilise calls to a web server with data transportation formats like JSON, AMF, XML, etc. Use of a RIA gives a rich user experience to an application user with least possible interruption or delay in fetching the data.

The recent trend is to use technologies grouped under an umbrella viz. HTML5 which can generate similar experience in displaying multimedia resources and animations as Adobe Flash technology.

Dnyandeep Infotech has been using RIAs for the development of interactive web applications for many past years.

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PHP/.NET web-apps

Development of web pages is a simple and straight-forward process, if one wishes to design few informative pages which do not require frequent modifications. However, this is rarely the requirement and the web-pages need far more flexibility in design, modification and use of external data. In order to achieve the flexibility in design, corresponding HTML/CSS code needs to be separated. Similarly various parts of web-page like a banner, navigation menu, footer need to be stored separately from page contents. This can be done effectively by using PHP/ASP.NET server-side languages.

Dnyandeep Infotech employs PHP technology for developing web-page structure. In case of a dynamic, database-driven website or web application, PHP & MySQL are frequently used. Usually, almost every website has one dynamic page, which relates to visitor's feedback collection module, where PHP programming is necessary.

The websites, very often than not, require web modules like image-sliders, visitors' statistics, social bookmarking & connectivity modules and 'Web 2.0' tools to enhance the utility of a website. Dnyandeep Infotech has all of this necessary expertise for use of these widgets.

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Dnyandeep Infotech develops websites using PHP frameworks e.g. Codeigniter(CI), Kohana, Joomla platform which deliver a search engine friendly structure based upon MVC apporach. This makes a website scalable, easily maintainable and upgradable.

In certain situations, a client may require very frequent updation to his/her website and aspires to have total control of the website in their hands. This can be achieved by developing the website using content management system (CMS) e.g. Wordpress, Pyrocms and Joomla to name a few.

Dnyandeep Infotech has developed many portal websites in Joomla, PyroCMS & has experience of using Wordpress for small sized websites.

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